Guitar gives the best value for your money with superior strength underwear for a reasonable price. Guitar shirts are made using the "de hilo" innovation brought to the country in the 1970s which brings incomparable wearer comfort and durability that lasts years. For more than 50 years, our grandparents and parents trusted Guitar to give them the confidence to own the day and BE THE MAN.

What is "de hilo" cotton?

“De hilo” is a Spanish short term for “Hilo de Escocia” which means “strong cotton”. While the word "cotton" originated from the Arabic term al qutn, which became in Spanish algodón and cotton in English. Guitar “de hilo cotton” lines were first used as labels/tags for whiteshirts and sandos’ in 1970’s. These shirts had been a fashion trend in that era being paired with jeans as worn by Hollywood stars.


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